Effective promotion of your products and services is the foundation of your company’s success. However, in order to record profits, it is necessary to thoroughly analyze advertising methods, identify strengths and weaknesses of actions taken, as well as to make the right decisions concerning the implementation of innovations. Adequate research into both one’s own ventures and market trends allows not only to increase advertising effectiveness, but also to conduct business more calmly. The choice of research techniques and the order in which they are performed can play a crucial role in the evaluation of a given project.

Marketing research – what does it come down to?

Without properly conducted sales and market analysis it is difficult to undertake any broader business activities. That is why it is so important to employ people in the company’s structures who are responsible for analyzing and interpreting information necessary to make certain decisions in the field of advertising. Many people wonder what marketing research really is. There may be many answers. First of all, it includes all analyses concerning sales and promotion methods of a given product or service. They may include both quantitative and qualitative aspects. The former focuses on the evaluation of the consumer and his habits, while the latter on the causes of the found behaviors and consumer trends. The stages of marketing research make it possible to continuously evaluate the potential of the actions taken so far. In order to prepare this type of analysis, it is necessary to adopt a specific scientific method for correct interpretation of data.

Marketing research – qualities, goals and results

Through properly conducted marketing research, opportunities to increase a company’s revenue are accurately identified. It is this aspect that makes them so desirable among all those running businesses in many sectors. The features of marketing research are primarily regularity, objectivity and purposefulness. Each of these follows, as it were, from their definition. They are also characterized by phasing. All phases of research follow a strictly defined order. They must be aimed at a specific goal, such as solving a problem, increasing revenue.

The basis of well formulated hypotheses based on knowledge from a given field, as well as experience of managers should be adequate results in the form of accurate assessment of the problem. Sometimes a small change results in spectacular profits! Thanks to proper marketing research it is possible to quickly define problems made by the company, implement necessary modifications in this area and ultimately increase customer satisfaction. All these activities should be constantly analyzed by specialists in the field.

Use of marketing research in different sectors

Most of today’s companies, regardless of the sector, place stable analysis and evaluation of their company’s sales performance among their priorities. This type of activity is carried out by analysts and economists. However, for all mechanisms to function properly, it is necessary, first of all, for good cooperation between the company’s departments. Factors shaping demand are not the only important information an analyst obtains in the process of conducting research. Also important are consumer behaviour patterns and the prediction of profits resulting from specific promotional techniques.

The various measures here relate mainly to the sectors in which they are to be carried out. One of the overriding differences dividing industries will be the target market, that is, the social group to which certain products and services are directed. In this case, analyses should be carried out on people with an appropriate profile concerning e.g. age, profession, education, place of residence etc. Depending on the sector, the frequency of research will also differ. Some industries are more dynamic and their needs change from day to day. Others will remain more stable regardless of external factors.