Audit at a point of sales

What is it and how can it be done?

Point of sales audit is a valuable tool, helping process optimization, analysing the strengths and weaknesses of a business, define changes, which need to be introduced to boost sales at a store.

Store audit may be a perfect source of knowledge for any provider.

The research may be aimed at controlling the performance of an agreement with a retailer or distributor, controlling the work of a Sales Representative or merchandiser, acquiring knowledge about a client’s products / services, competition analysis, etc.

Competitors’ products analysis

We analyse your competitors’ offers, pricing policies, marketing activities, numerical distribution and other parameters.

Merchandiser’s work analysis

Examination and assessment of: the products’ layout compliance with the planograms; sales space organization, quality of the service performed and other indicators.

Product parameters control

Merchandisers work planning system

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We provide two types of audits:

Without an intervention


gathering the agreed data and preparation of a final report

With an intervention


verifying the agreement and intervention in the field in case it proves necessary;


Why is it worth doing?

An audit is usually performed as part of marketing research and may comprise a number of stages, interconnected with each other. We utilize state-of-the-art methods to analyse the store’s operations and define its current status to be followed by introducing appropriate action, if required.

The main purpose of the audit is to gather information about factors hampering or facilitating sales at a shop.

  • If you are a provider of goods, we will control the work of your merchandisers and sales representatives an moreover perform an analysis of the position and activities of your competitors
  • If you own a retail chain, we will control the work of salespeople and check the availability of products in the shops of your competitors.

We may complete the audit with providing raw data or preparing analyses, as well as analyses with executive recommendations.

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