Recruitment and Employee Leasing

The labour market in Poland is dynamically changing and the process of searching and employing a new worker is getting ever more costly and, most importantly, time consuming. Companies more and more often decide to use outsourcing services, which take over all tasks in the process or outstaffing companies, which mainly relieve the HR department.

Outstaffing or employee leasing is a type of employment in which the person employed performs all the working duties for a clients, while officially being employed by IQFM. We perform the employer’s role, so we are responsible for employing and administration, for paying the remuneration and often for providing equipment, while the Client manages our employee’s work and orders tasks to them.

Employee leasing is associated with multiple benefits and gains an ever growing circle of proponents. It is often a cheaper and usually a faster, more flexible solution, assuring better quality, than employing own workers.

We have been active on the market since 1996, we have an enormous database of employees in the field and we regularly recruit new ones. We provide employees for retail chains as well as producers and suppliers.

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Why is it worth doing?

Our office team is responsible for adequately fitting a person in terms of skills to a position, per the Client’s needs. We have the relevant systems supporting recruitment, candidate selection and employment. We take care that each step of the processed be performed with the highest level of professionalism.

If you are planning to introduce structural changes to your company or to start a new project, please contact us. We will agree on a strategy, build an action plan based on priorities and seamlessly introduce cooperation systems. We plan an individual strategy for every client, considering the jobs’ specificity, the tools available and the budget.

Are you looking for a professional employment consulting agency? We are here! We can help you to successfully carry out the recruitment process. Our team will prepare an individual strategy for your Company, using the right tools, lowering the costs of the process and allowing you to employ the right staff.

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