Stands and display units

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Stands and display units

Our approach to running business is focused on reaching a compromise in working with the client, understanding their expectations and constant challenges, which the Marketing and Sales departments face.

Our team bets on innovations, efficiency and timeliness, allowing us to operate on such a difficult market and successfully realise advertising campaigns.

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Why choose us?

We have at our disposal a well-developed bindery, machines for quick laminating and stamping, machines for complete bookbinding, folding machines, saddle-stitching, glued, hard-binding lines, a mock-up and punchers shop, a thermoforming machine, CNC plotters, upper-spindle milling machines with tilting spindle, machining center for plastics, wood and wood-like materials

We provide technical consulting, consulting in the creation of briefs, proper technical specification, technological solutions for BTL campaigns.

We control the quality of our products throughout the whole production process and see to meeting the previously agreed delivery schedules.

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