Mounting and Installation

Before a merchandiser gets to a store, first the mounting and installation specialists have to do their job. They may arrange or restructure shelves, an endcap, an aisle, a sector or a whole store.

Realising projects, from one-off installations to large-series implementations in hundreds of stores, we perform the installation of all types of wooden and steel structures, shelves, exposition fittings, lighting systems, high and low assemblies of rack systems, control points, fences, shutters and window systems, as well as visual and advertising systems.

We perform all types of mounting and installation services ordered by our clients. They include installation of various systems, products in our clients’ houses of gardens as a last-mile post-sales service, with transportation and carrying inside. Installations of displays, sales stands, furniture, coolers in shops as well as seasonal reconstructions of store surfaces. We realise how important time is in performing installation services, each hour of reconstruction of a shop is an hour of potential sales lost. Our clients may rest assured that each installation will meet the same quality standards and will be performed quickly, efficiently and coherently in multiple locations.

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Why is it worth doing?

We are proud of our perfectly trained, experienced, knowledgeable in procedures installation and mounting teams. We may provide maintenance and repair services in hydraulics, electricity, carpentry, etc.

Concerning installation and mounting, we regularly cooperate with manufacturers and retail chains. We perform a number of works, which directly affect our clients’ image. We permanently employ installation and mounting teams, thus our services are rendered with the highest quality level, meeting all work safety requirements. We will perform any job ordered, regardless of the scale and location, also out of Poland.

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