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Outsourcing of a sales team may cover all or some of a company’s sales activities. It may be of long-term, temporary, strategic or tactical nature. The specific operating of such a structure depends on the company’s situation and needs. 

Outsourcing Zespołów Sprzedażowych

Service options

dedicated teams, shared teams, managed by the agency, managed by the client, long-term cooperation, short-term cooperation, task-force teams, mobile teams, nationwide teams, local teams, all channels, selected channels

For each of the above options we assure recruitment, employment and training for the team. If needed, we provide the team with tools such as, e.g. cars, tablets, phones, reporting systems. If we are entrusted with management, we determine KPIs and oversee their performance.

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Is it a service for you?

There are companies which, up to a certain moment, did not need to have their own teams in the field, and sales were realized from the office. Along with the development of sales, the need to build a field structure arises. In such a case outsourcing the sales teams is one of the most economic and effective options. IQFM may take over realising the candidates recruitment and employment process, build the strategy for the sales team operations together with the client and define the scope of responsibility and KPIs.

Companies with their own field structures may also utilize sales teams outsourcing, e.g. to realise tactical tasks, limited in time or space. There are various operating models adopted in organisations, however usually the Sales Representatives are fully burdened and focused on their main activities, influencing their remuneration. Each additional task to be performed keeps the sales representative away from performing their regular tasks and is thus accepted unwillingly. In that case the services of our agency may be used, not to substitute the current sales structure, but to support it.

We can quickly build an efficient team of any size, train it, equip and introduce it in a short time.

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