Sales Advisors and Brand Ambassadors

A Brand Ambassador, sometimes called a Sales Advisor, Customer Advisor or Sales Promoter is a person advising a customer at the point of sales, presenting a specific product, product line or a broader range. Unlike a hostess or host, employed for short actions, up to a few weeks, Brand Ambassadors, Sales Advisors work in long-term projects, they are perfectly trained, represent the company very well and frequently this is their main or sole source of income. A person on this position is an expert in a given area, being both a good marketer and salesperson.

They observe the competition, so they are an important source of information;

They build brand awareness and raise the feeling of loyalty;

They influence the general image and opinion about a company / product

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Why is it worth doing?

A properly recruited, trained and motivated Customer Advisor assures short- and long-term sales development for the company they represent, works out a positive image and acquires new clients. Thanks to the Brand Ambassadors promoting a brand, the brand recognition improves and clients return to it more willingly. Moreover, the brand gains a ‘human face’ and the consumer is much more willing to buy from a person.

At IQFM we have been maintaining large Sales Promotors teams for many years. Our Brand Ambassadors may be met in every sales channel, whether it be Consumer Electronic, DIY or FMCG. We recruit, employ, train, motivate and control. We build effective Sales Advisors teams. We have the right tools to train and report the work of Brand Ambassadors.

If you are wondering whether investing in a Sales Advisors team may be profitable, we are happy to help you with the calculations, selection of solutions and planning and optimised process.

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