POS materials logistics and storage

Marketing and Sales are departments requiring effective cooperation. Their common goal is to generate the expected revenues at the company. Marketing create, sales realise – reaching the right level of operating synergy leads to success.

Various kinds of POS soft or hard materials are a popular tool for communicating with buyers. It is the Marketing responsibility to prepare communication and guidelines, and it is up to Sales to implement these materials in stores. Until recently, POSM implementation in stores was done by Sales Representatives, now it is outsourced to specialized companies, with appropriate storage, logistics and system background. 

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How we can help?


We pick-up ready POS materials from the producer and deliver them to the warehouse.


We store the POS materials until delivery to Sales Representatives and / or points of sales.


We distribute the POS materials among Sales Representatives and / or points of sales in line with the guidelines.


We install the POS materials in the store, handle the documentation.


We dismantle and pick-up the POS materials after the action ends.


We will utilise the used POS materials or regenerate them and store until the next action, as needed.


Why is it worth doing?

We offer much more to our clients than just POS materials storage and logistics

  • Mobile installation teams
  • Transportation with handling
  • Transportation with mounting and installation 
  • Building exhibition stands
  • Technical support for outdoor events

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