Shopper Marketing

Shopper marketing comprises all types of activities addressed at persons visiting a store, aimed at that person making the decision to purchase a specific product.

Properly applied it yields tangible results, which means that budgets are increasingly shifted from the media to shopper marketing activities. Many companies have established dedicated departments, dealing only with shopper marketing.

By accurately identifying the customer’s needs and implementing effective measures, you can not only sell the product, but also increase brand awareness so that the customer will reach for the same product in future purchases.

The primary task of shopper marketing is to influence shoppers in the store environment, where the purchase decision and action – the purchase itself – take place. However, the whole process is a concentrated effort involving many channels of reaching potential consumers, even before they get to the store.

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Our dedicated shopper marketing team develops complete communication projects, from concept through design, production management and in-store implementation, as well as providing full legal and accounting services. We design the best solutions based on the client’s objectives and always keep cost optimization in mind.

In the area of shopper marketing, we have completed many projects for well-known brands. This is evidenced by our clients’ opinions and letters of reference. In shopper marketing, the winner is the person who is quickest to spot trends and then implements the right actions. Our task is to adjust shopper marketing activities to the strategy and to reach the target group with the right message, to provide tailor made solutions.

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