What is merchandising?

Merchandising is an important element supporting product resale from a store shelf. Aesthetics of laying out products on the shelves, product range availability and a correct price label are key factors influencing a shopper’s behaviour in the store and thus sales results.

What is merchandising?

Organising the sales space in line with the planogram.

Analysing competitors’ products representation.

Displaying POS materials, controlling the presence of advertising materials at points of sale.

Regularly providing detailed periodic reports, including photo and video reports.

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We provide stationary, mobile and visual merchandising services in Poland and abroad. The type of service always depends on the Client’s needs and capabilities, the level of their products’ distribution. We agree the process individually with each of our Clients.


A service focused on working in large-sized stores. It usually comprises one merchandiser providing services for a few vendors in one store. So called joint service.


A service offered to clients with multiple brands, high distribution level and / or planograms and procedures so complex that the service should be performed by a dedicated, smaller team moving from shop to shop.


Visual merchandising deals with creating the sales space with the purpose of attracting the client’s attention and convince them to purchase goods or services. It may focus solely on the visual aspect of goods exposition or it can be treated as a promotional instrument. A visual merchandiser’s work aims at creating attractive store space, relating to the right target group, in line with the adopted brand strategy.


Advantages of merchandising duties

The main advantage is that Sales Representatives are relieved of merchandising duties, so they may focus on maximising sales.

IQFM takes over the whole process, i.e.

  • Recruiting and training the merchandisers
  • Planning and control of visits
  • Reporting
  • Optimising the frequency and time of visits

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