Hostesses and sampling

The hostess is a relatively new profession, still not everyone understands, what exactly a hostess does. The proper performance of this service requires: recruiting hostesses with adequate characteristics and skills, training them, proper planning of their work, establishing KPIs and the right control of the hostesses’ work.

A representative hostess is a person supporting marketing activities, welcoming guests at the entrance, taking care of them at a reception, company events, fairs, conferences. In English a hostess means a housekeeper, a person accepting guests, so the word is self-explanatory.

A person employed as a Sales hostess is responsible for promoting a brand and selling a specific product. Usually they work at large shopping centres, supermarkets, sales showrooms, as well as restaurants, pubs and sometimes outdoors.

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Why is it worth doing?

IQFM provides top-quality hostess activations. We have been organizing activities with hostesses nationwide for over 20 years. We have the proper tools to recruit, train, control and manage the work of hostesses. We utilise special platforms to train, control and report the work of hostesses.

Sampling is a service associated with the work of hostesses. The activity is supplementary to other sales-supporting actions. Sampling is the distribution of free samples among consumers. It is aimed at increasing the brand awareness among consumers and building a positive image of the brand, but most importantly at increasing sales. The hostess should primarily make contact with a potential consumer. Many people like to test a product even before buying it. This provides the producer an opportunity to influence the purchase decision of potential consumers.

When planning a sampling action, one should first of all determine its goal and target group, define the time and locations, stores in which to carry out the action and… select an appropriate partner, who will help in the planning phase as well as in realising the sampling action with hostesses.

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