Video-Agent / Video Salesperson On-line

We offer a state-of-the-art system, supporting communication and sales of products and services on-line. It guarantees quick connection with a video-agent, video-salesperson or a video-promoter and a comfortable process of a consulting or sales call. With its advanced functions, it enables the agent to share the screen, add a product specialist to the call, register clients and their orders, video-identify the client’s identity with face biometrics and remote contract signing. Moreover, all calls are encrypted, assuring data processing pursuant to the GPDR.

A quick and simple implementation and maintenance process:

Calling a video-agent directly from the CTA embedded in a website or an online shop.

Add a banner informing on the video call with your agent on your website. After clicking, the client will be redirected to a dedicated site with the list of your shops, branches, departments.

Simple and intuitive process to call an agent

Examination and assessment of the layout of products in line with planograms, organizing the sales space, quality of the service provided and other KPIs.

Video call with an agent

A video call with an agent will allow for quick customer service, using numerous auxiliary functions. The salesperson will display products or show them live with a smartphone camera, help in the selection and close the sale in one call.

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