IQFM company is one of the leaders when it comes to activities in the DIY sector. We have many years of experience, which is supported by the cooperation with the biggest producers of: construction chemicals, paints, tools and lighting. Thanks to this knowledge, we are aware of the importance of proper product display in DIY shops for effective sales and customer acquisition.

For years we have been involved in merchandising the shops of the largest construction chains and we assemble new displays and rebuild existing ones. Our installation teams are present in every region of the country, thanks to which we have gained a nationwide reach and built a reputation in many Polish cities. Customers appreciate the responsibility, reliability and flexibility of our company, and our knowledge and experience in this industry allow us to meet the expectations of the most demanding brands.

Exposition assembly details

Every company needs well-trained and committed staff to provide professional services. Our employees are prepared for various tasks “in the field”: fixing prices and promotional products, assembling shelves and advertising materials, sorting assortment and arranging it according to the vision presented by the client. They also take care of tidying up the space after work and report daily achievements on a dedicated platform.

Our company is known for its flexible approach to orders, thanks to which customers commission us with a variety of tasks. In addition to standard stocking, we also handle the installation of specific products and seasonal campaigns. Very popular before the summer season are barbecues, which a certain number of our company turns in a certain time. This provides convenience to customers who do not have specialized tools or knowledge about the construction of such equipment. We live in the times of returnability of goods, which is willingly and often used by consumers. Numerous orders come to our company from customers who ask us to prepare returns of goods from retail stores to their warehouses. Our employees’ task is to check the condition of the goods – whether it is complete and undamaged, and also to compare the stock with the return document and make any adjustments. Then they pack the products on pallets and prepare them for shipment.

Construction store displays – the key to sales

An important role in the effective sale of construction stores is an attractive presentation of products. Our company is well aware of this fact and therefore provides numerous services to make displays more attractive. One of the proposals is painting the exposition in the outer garden of DIY stores, which usually takes place at the turn of spring and summer and is an example of seasonal work. It is most often a form of promotion of paint and varnish manufacturers, which we carry out in two forms.

The first option is a practical demonstration during which our employees are tasked with painting any wooden element of the display with a product indicated by the customer. This takes place in a place visible to buyers, who can ask questions on an ongoing basis and even try to spread the paint or varnish with a brush themselves. The second solution is to varnish and paint a specific commodity in a secluded area and then put it on display with information about what products were used for painting. Both options are an effective way to attract the customer’s attention to the chosen product.

Assembly of goods for trade fairs and presentations

Our staff often deals with the implementation of goods at various types of fairs and shows, such as hotels. These are usually one- or multi-day events, so they require staff to be flexible and fast. Teams of at least 10 people work in a small area to prepare products for presentation in one day and immediately after the event disassemble them in an equally short time.

The actual assembly of the displays looks almost identical to what we do every day for home improvement stores. However, thanks to their experience and technical knowledge, our employees are able to do it quickly and efficiently, meeting the deadlines of the order.