Companies dealing with sales apply many solutions to increase the related profits. However, they do not always bring the expected results. In such situations, completely new ways to improve results can be tested. However, a much more effective way is to conduct an audit with an external company. Thanks to it, you can quickly take the most effective action tailored to the characteristics of the company and the industry in which it operates. Nowadays, it is commonly used by both large and small retail outlets conducting business stationary and online.

When is it worth considering conducting an audit?

Owners of companies specializing in the sale of products and services are faced with the need to optimize their operations. Due to dynamic changes occurring in many industries, they may show low effectiveness. For some companies, therefore, attempts are made to find a solution on their own. However, depending on the characteristics of the business, developing and finding the right one can be not only time-consuming, but also expensive. Therefore, if the sales turnover is not in line with expectations and the company faces problems with finding new customers, it is worth deciding on an audit.


This type of service, provided by professionals from companies with extensive experience, such as IQFM, allows you to efficiently find the causes of many problems related to the effectiveness of sales. It will also help to determine further actions, thanks to the recommendations of experts. At the same time, the resources spent on it will be significantly lower than those resulting from implementing wrong solutions on your own. Each time audit of sales points is adjusted to the enterprise. This allows you to effectively collect the necessary information for analysis and take into account its needs in the final report.

Choosing an external company

It is worth knowing why it is the external companies that should conduct audits. First of all, it is about the objectivity of the conclusions drawn from the data obtained. Representatives of external companies are not in any way related to the companies for which they prepare reports. This means that an audit of a sales department or a sales outlet is not affected by interpersonal ties, internal company conflicts or emotions. Because of this, you can be sure that the actions proposed as a result of the service will be beneficial and optimally matched to the needs of the company.


Another element that makes you choose an external service is professionalism. Companies specializing in such activities employ specialists who select effective methods of collecting and analyzing information. They carry out all activities in a comprehensive manner. They pay attention to the tools, marketing strategies and sales process used in the company, as well as the way of communication with customers. They also examine the opinions of employees and customers. On this basis, they compile the strengths and weaknesses of the company and check its competitiveness in the market.

Point of Sale Audit Results

An audit can be completed in several different ways, depending on the structure of the client’s company and their expectations. Auditors may provide raw data that will then be analyzed by the appropriate department of the company. In most cases, however, they will provide a report with the analysis, or they will supplement it with executive recommendations. Then based on this, solutions are changed, created or improved leading to increased sales. Depending on the client, they opt for either an online audit (without intervention) or a service that requires action at the point of sale.


As a result of such actions, it is much easier to use the full sales potential and obtain profit increase by taking appropriate actions. It is worth noting that the audit is a complementary service to other marketing activities. Therefore, it is recommended to use it on a regular basis in order to control the effectiveness of the actions used so far, as well as before or after the introduction of significant changes affecting the sales process or communication with customers.