IQFM Ackerman, one of Poland’s major field marketing agencies, has a new investor. After working in Poland for over 20 years, Paul Bailey, IQFM founder, sold his shares to the largest field Marketing Agency in Eastern Europe – OPEN and returned to Great Britain.

Thanks to the merger, IQFM Ackermann gained a powerful capital and technology background, as well as an opportunity to offer their clients services in the Eastern markets.

Both IQFM Ackermann ( and OPEN ( are agencies with long-term experience and history, dating back to the 1990’s. The merger and joint work on Central and Eastern European market development result from realizing both companies’ development strategy.


‘We have been planning the sale of Paul’s shares for quite some time. For me, as the person managing the company at the moment, the most important thing was for the new partner to come from the industry. To contribute not merely capital, but also knowledge, new markets, and new clients. We have found such a partner in OPEN’ said Arkadiusz Wróblewski, CEO, IQFM Ackermann.


Arkadiusz Wróblewski CEO IQFM Ackermann

‘We have a very strong position on the Consumer Electronic and DIY market in Poland, our strategy after the merger with OPEN is to strengthen this position, but also to rapidly grow in the FMCG sector’ added Krzysztof Kulesza, Business Development Director, IQFM Ackermann.

Krzysztof Kulesza
Business Development Director IQFM Ackermann

‘For some time, we have been realizing the strategy of development on foreign markets, to provide an answer to the processes of budget and decision-making concentration of our clients. After merging with IQFM Ackermann, the OPEN Group is now operating in five countries. Investing in Poland is a very important step in the development of our company. We are already planning further investment projects’ declared  Dmitriy Shikhov, Managing Director, OPEN.

Dmitriy Shikhov, Managing Director, Open Group